Various Other Drugs not included under Pharmacognosy


Various Old Drugs not Contained under the Pharmacognosy Section
Before the 1970's many drugs were available that were not extracts from plants but were purified chemicals. This section contains purified chemical drugs rather than crude extracts.

The information contained in this section is taken from the following pharmacy books unless otherwise noted;

The Dispensatory Of The United States Of America
By Dr. Geo. B.Wood And Dr. Franklin Bache.
Nineteenth Edition.
Thoroughly Revised, Largely Rewritten, And Based Upon The Eighth Decennial Revision Of The United States Pharmacopoeia Issued June 1, 1907.
Philadelphia And London
J.B. Lippincott Company


Wood - Osol United States Dispensatory 23rd Edition 1943
Horatio C. Wood, JR., M.D., (Professor Of Therapeutics In The University Of Pennsylvania; Professor Of Pharmacology In The Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy And Science; Vice-President Of The U.S. Pharmacopceial Convention)
Arthur Osol, PH.G., M.S., PH.D. (Professor Of Analytical And Physical Chemistry And Director Of The Chemical Laboratories In The Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy And Science)
Based On The Twelfth Revision Of The United States Pharmacopoeia, The National Formulary Seventh Edition, And The British Pharmacopoeia 1932 And Its Addenda
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