Erectile Dysfunction
Impotence; now commonly referred to as "erectile dysfunction" - the inability to achieve and maintain penile rigidity sufficient to complete sexual intercourse, the cause may be physical, physiological, or a combination of both.

There are several drugs that can be injected directly into the erectile, cavernosal, tissues of the penis to cause an erection. Bimix and Trimix are injectables for intracavernosal administration. They refer to any combination of either two or three chemicals. Bimix is often a mixture of papaverine and phentolamine, while Trimix (PPP) would be papaverine, phentolamine and PGE1.

These mixtures are not commercially available but must be mixed by a compounding pharmacy. They are generally much cheaper than Caverject or Edex, and tend to minimize aching in the penis or testicles which is a problem in some men with Prostaglandin (PGE-1) alone. A compounding pharmacy will create custom medications on a doctor's prescription. For erictile dysfunction call the compounding pharmacists at Soderlund Village Drug.

Something to Consider
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